Dealing with Emotions

Feeling What??

Emotions can vary by the moment. Allowing ourselves to acknowledge them is so important! When it comes to dealing with emotions keeping them bottled up can be harmful. 

Learning to experience a variety of emotions is healthy. It is essential to explore the many emotions to have a balanced life and adjust easier as life throws its punches.

Activities to work through emotions include journaling, meditation and counseling. A safe space is required for expression without judgment. There is no right or wrong way. Using such methods helps prevent explosive reactions from overwhelming emotions.

Shifting mindset towards more positive and empowering thoughts isn’t always easy. Finding yourself crying while going through a rough patch may be just what you need. Sometimes thoughts may seem to spiral out of control. In a certain situation you wonder about the different possible scenarios. What will happen next? Or what you are even doing? 

Emotions sure can be a roller coaster ride!

We can take this ride by following two steps. 

One, allow yourself to feel. Check in with yourself and ask: How do I feel right now? What specific emotions can I identify? How am I experiencing those emotions in my body?

Two, ask yourself what you need right now? The answer to the second question may not be too forthcoming. Possibilities could include: not even knowing what your needs are, your needs may not have been met in the past, or you just may not be sure what will help in the moment.

This is where activities to work through emotions comes in. Explore what you choose to help clear your mind. Take one moment at a time. Decide what you need to do next. Being mindful will help you get through the day. Sometimes we have the feeling of being lost. It can be hard to understand negative moments but realize, it will pass. Being grateful for what we do have is always a good stepping stone to start with.

Bad days are normal, while some days are great. Knowing how you feel, what you are doing and having things under control can be amazing. Acknowledging that sometimes feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed doesn’t mean you need to give up but rather refocus your thoughts. It takes constant practice to learn a new pattern of coping and responding to challenging situations.

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