Double Trouble! Health Educator and Coach for Self-care

Vibrant Self-care with Sarah

When it comes to health, I know a lot, but by no means am I a doctor and realize every individual’s needs are different. I first pursued a masters degree in Health Education from Western Governor’s University. I’ve always loved learning but have struggled with my own health. Fortunately, my health issues haven’t been serious just chronic. I thought because I loved learning so much I should stay in the education field. After completing my master’s I didn’t find work near my home. Professors had encouraged me to obtain the Certification as a Health Education Specialist (CHES). This certification shows competency in applying health education principles. Having this certification is a big accomplishment but still I wasn’t able to get work. Years later I found the health coach program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I also completed that certification and thought I could pursue work as Self-Employed. It has not been easy learning business management, acquiring clients or creating a steady income. Determined to make something of my education and strong interests has brought me to Vibrant Self-Care with Sarah. I’m your teacher and coach!  Follow my work as together we can put our health first.

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