Health Roadmap to plan Self Care this Week!

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: “We all need better habits in our routine.”

It’s REALLY hard to do self care if we don’t make time for it.

Well, it turns out, you can dramatically increase your well-being with a few simple activities.

In fact, these same ideas helped boost my mental outlook and cost me a fraction of what high paying professionals pay.

Ideas for important aspects of health include:

Food & Beverage

Some say, You are what you eat. What we put in our bodies can fuel or harm us. Hydrating with water instead of sugary drinks is best for glucose control. Artificial sweeteners and preservatives are not necessary and who really knows what they do to us. Now I’m not perfect but I really do prefer and recommend natural, whole foods. Yes, eat your veggies! Plan ahead and prepare meals.


What are your goals? Where are you at now? Write it down! Do you walk 8K steps/day? Are you a marathon runner? What do you enjoy? I enjoy workouts at the gym. For me a climate controlled atmosphere works best and I usually bring a buddy. I know what I can tolerate and work slowly adding resistance and intensity. Be creative and mix activities up.


After working 8 years on the night shift, I know the importance of sleep! Lack of sleep over time nearly destroyed me. For all the parents of newborns, my heart goes out to you, an exhausting time for sure! Sleep isn’t just about the time we spend in bed. Consuming caffeine and/or alcohol can have disruptive repercussions during sleep. Kill the lights, use clean bedding, exclude pets, don’t depend on sleeping in.

Work & Education

Are you happy with the work you do? Does your education support your work? If you have a grudge with what you do, explore avenues for other options. Many classes are available now online. Volunteer options are available with many organizations. Do you work too much or not earn enough income? Identify your needs, set goals, and venture with new opportunities.

Creativity & Spirituality

This aspect of health is often under utilized! Connecting to a higher power helps release tension of daily stress and define our values. Exploring creativity whether its artistic or problem solving gives us positive feelings. Creativity could be a hobby we pursue personally or collectively. Same for spirituality, having faith based community support can be crucial close to home.

Mental thoughts

What are you thinking!? Are you judgmental, do you often feel sad, what are you grateful for, how do you view the weather??? We are constantly processing thoughts. Our dominant views stem from how we feel. Our mindset can make or break anything! Don’t let negative thoughts ruin your day. Know you are good enough just the way you are!


The places we live, work and play impact our health. Are you around smokers? Is the house tidy or cluttered? Does your work space fit your needs? What do you use for transportation? Are you located in the city or country? We have options to make the best of our environment. Being organized can do the body good!


Social interaction is part of our nature. Relationships comprise family, friends and coworkers. Effective communication skills can go a long way in making the best of our connections. Who we interact with plays a role in the quality of our health. Tony Robbins says, You are the sum of the 5 closest people you associate with. Negative habits will bring you down. Choose how you want to participate in life.

In conclusion:

What Do You Think?

Now it’s your turn:

Which idea is your favorite?

What area of health needs more attention? 

What area of health do you do well with?

Or maybe you have a idea that I didn’t cover here.

Either way, leave a comment below to let me know.

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