Kindness Matters

What is kindness?

The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. It’s not always easy to be kind. In tough situations, kindness makes a big difference! When we show kindness it’s caring and doing things to help make lives better. It allows us to connect with people and build meaningful relationships. When someone is kind, we feel connected and more willing to cooperate with them. Kindness is strength.

How can we apply this to everyday living for others and ourselves? 

  • Asking others if they need help.
  • Showing empathy 
  • Having acceptance 
  • Doing kind gestures without expecting anything in return. 
  • Being thoughtful or considerate.
  • Offer a helping hand. 
  • Be there to listen. 
  • Send care packages
  • Stay connected. 
  • Expect good things to happen and be a positive light.
  • Smile at others.

Intentional, voluntary acts of kindness goes a long way in developing character. What we do others will see. Acts like, volunteering, giving compliments, donating to charity, or holding the door for someone shows how we can care with kindness. Being selfless and compassionate for ourselves and others is how we connect. 

We all make mistakes, being kind is having grace. This means thinking before speaking, forgiving before seeking revenge, and thinking about long-term relationships instead of short-term pride. If we could all remember that none of us are perfect, we could be a lot kinder. 

Saying thank you and telling others why you appreciate them or what they do is positive reinforcement for good intentions. Notice kindness and truly sense how it feels.

Ever feel down or like life just isn’t right? Having kindness with ourself is foremost. How we treat ourselves will impact how we treat others. Using self-care to nurture ourselves will keep us healthier. What are good choices you can make for yourself?

Experiencing life moment by moment, is a journey that can bring joy. Our satisfaction comes from HOW we live our life and not what we accomplish along the way. Being mindful of the situations we are in keeps us focused in the moment. Worrying about the past or future only create anxiety. Don’t forget to breathe, keep in touch with your senses (looks, sound, smell, and touch), and use imagery to help feel calm.

A genuine heart radiates love through kindness. Spreading kindness is like a movement or chain reaction. When we create kindness others are more likely to do the same., believes kindness is humanity’s greatest asset. Why not be the change we want to see in the world?

World Kindness Day is an international observance on the 13th of November. It was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement. Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th, is a day to celebrate and encourage random acts of kindness. In other words, a day to celebrate kindness and the pay it forward mentality. It’s important to celebrate kindness, but sharing kindness through out the year keeps the movement going.

Kindness matters, spread kindness!

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