Plants? What’s that have to do with Self-Care?

Some of us may or may not have a green thumb. I honestly hold a bachelors degree in Botany but do tend to kill plants at times. Growing up I had an interest in learning the Latin names for plants. Probably why I took Latin in high school besides being interested in the medical field. Anyway, a favorite plant growing up was morning glories, an annual. They come in multiple colors such as pink, purple, white and blue. It’s a vine with flowers blooming late in the summer or at least for living in the North East. At the end of the season I would collect seeds to plant the following year. Besides morning glories I had daffodils, gladiolus, tulips, and hyacinths planted near the house. Being perennials, plant once and done. I’ve always enjoyed seed and plant catalogs sent mid-winter in preparation for the year. I have struggled with gardening as time is a challenge. Fortunately, my man helps a lot and each year we have a great garden. We like to try different varieties. Like for cucumbers we have grown Mexican gherkin or mouse melon and lemon cucumber. These are two varieties that are unique. The Mexican gherkin is the size of a grape with the skin color of a watermelon. The lemon cucumber has yellow skin but tastes like a cucumber. We also grow the traditional pickling and slicing cucumbers but experimenting with variety can be exciting. In the home I have a few house plants set up near a sunny window. I’m fond of plants not just for the beauty of flowers but also the food plants give us. It’s an accomplishment to grow your own food! I’ve experimented with sprouts for food especially over the winter. Sometimes I’ll grow grass just for the cat. Having plants in my life has been important. When I make time for my plants, I feel happy. We all need TLC, do what makes you happy!


  • Improve home aesthetic’s
  • Can help with cleaning the air 
  • Develop a sense of well-being 
  • Enhance your life

Some Plants to Talk About 

Aloe vera

Aloe vera plant

A succulent type of plant is great for removing toxins besides being known as a skin moisturizer. When Aloe has out grown its pot it needs to be trimmed and replanted into a bigger pot. This is similar to life in that some times we need to cut ties to things that are no longer supporting us. This could be someone or something that hinders growth. Life is full of experiences that we can learn from. Choose what helps you be the best version of you! 


Lavender plant

This plant is the most common scent for essential oil. The scent of lavender is helpful if you tend to forget to unwind or take a few seconds for yourself, especially at the end of the day.

It’s not a typical houseplant but rather grown outside. Sprigs can be cut to hang in the house. Lavender’s scent helps with decreasing anxiety and providing a calm atmosphere.

Whenever feeling overwhelmed or when you want to sleep well, take a moment to smell lavender. You can close your eyes and take in a few deep breaths, the relaxing scent, will help with a sense of calm.

Peace Lilies

Peace Lilly plant

A great houseplant and natural purifier. This vibrant plant improves the flow of energy in the home as it processes harmful indoor chemicals. It’s also thought to help people thrive mentally, physically, and spiritually. Peace lilies are known to represent peace, tranquility, prosperity, purification, and solitude. Because of their symbolism, talk to your plants with positive affirmations. What are things you need to hear?

Snake plant 

Snake plant

Another great house plant to have as a reminder to survive and thrive during hard times. It’s known to provide a strong protective energy in your space. They are extremely durable and require very little attention in order to grow. They can be a reminder of how resilient you are when times get tough. They will still thrive under a bit of pressure. This plant is unique because it has the ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. Keep this plant for when you may feel alone or experiencing a difficult time, you can still choose to grow and survive even in the toughest situations.



For a reminder to stay present, keep eucalyptus. This desirable plant is known not only for its distinct, pleasant scent, but also for its ability to help treat asthma, colds, and congestion. It is for those who need to appreciate what the day will bring. Take a moment to inhale its healing and powerful scent. By doing so, you come back into the present moment. Know that this present moment is all you have. Don’t think about what happened yesterday as you can’t change that. Thinking about tomorrow only creates worry. All you have is the moment now. 


  • Watch your plants and repot when growth gets inhibited.
  • Growing plants outside not only helps them to catch some fresh rays of sunshine, take in a few moments outside to get your own dose of vitamin D as well.
  • Speak positive affirmation with your plants, it will do you both good.
  • Know your plants are here for you.
  • There are more than just roses to stop and smell.

Other benefits of plants

  • Constantly seeing and being around plants helps people feel more calm and relaxed which lowers levels of anxiety.
  • Being around plants, whether at home or work, helps improve memory, attention span and can increase concentration.
  • Employees are more productive when plants are in their workspace.
  • Caring for plants can reduce stress levels and boost mood because it encourages comfortable and relaxed feelings.
  • People tend to be more creative when surrounded by plants.

Use your plants as a reminder to care for yourself

When I struggle meeting the demands of obligations, my plants suffer because I’m not caring for them. However, when they’re happy and green, it usually means I’m more attentive to myself and taking care of my needs.

When I see the way my plant’s leaves are naturally drawn to receive the sunlight, I get an instant surge of happiness. It reminds me to do what I find fills me with joy, instead of solely focusing on my obligations. It also encourages me to keep going and keep growing.

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