Vibrant News! March 8, 2023


I’m in the process of keeping the communication coming. I honestly feel swamped and a bit overwhelmed on what to work on. There is so much I want to do to make this website/blog a functional asset. I’m my own boss working on my own but I have a great mentor. With that being said I want to thank Lisa Atkinson from The Future of Blogging Summit for the opportunity to speak! I can’t let another day pass without taking a moment to reflect. Lisa worked so hard to put this summit together. The behind the scenes is complex and time consuming. In doing so systems are a must. Many incredible speakers shared their knowledge and offered collaboration. I’m truly looking forward to the next moment to shine!

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Lets be clear, I want to serve individuals struggling with chronic illness go from diagnosis to living a vibrant life they enjoy. I help people see that chronic illness is not a barrier. With chronic illness we need to do as much as possible on our own terms. Everyone may be in a different boat but together we can be resilient by taking action weekly. Find my freebie, the Achievement Proposal, to help plan out your goal. Join the Facebook page because you are not alone!

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