Why Self-Care?

Sometimes so much focus is given to others that we ourselves get lost in the shuffle. What are your priorities and routines? Making time for our health should be foremost. After all, we can’t help others well if we aren’t feeling well ourselves. Self-care is an act of kindness we can do for ourselves and it’s our own responsibility. It can be a struggle to find balance in all that we do. Finding activities and time for self-care is vital to rejuvenate and recharge. Self-care often falls by the wayside when we are faced with challenging situations, like the COVID-19 pandemic or family struggles. Having frequent reminders of self-care activities keeps them in the forefront of our mind. The focus with self-care is to help relieve the pressures of everyday life and increase wellness. Consider reduced stress and healing the damage it creates, more exercise and better sleep, and more enjoyable relationships with others. Take time to make yourself a note of your “Why” self-care is important to you. Write it down and keep it where you can see it. It could be something like, I will make sure housekeeping is done so I can spend time with my granddaughter. Or, doing a foot bath to help ease tired feet. You deserve time to yourself! Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking time to journal to release what’s on your mind. Self-care can come in a variety of personal perspectives. Areas we can evaluate for improvement include: environmental, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, financial, occupational and physical. See blog post 8 Avenues of Wellness. These areas are the foundation for the course Roadmap for Health. When released you can explore these avenues and pursue activities to improve each of them. Keep in mind small changes take time. Consistency is key. It can be helpful to have community support from other like-minded individuals. See the Facebook group Vibrant Self-Care with Sarah. I want to support you in being the best you can be! Being a caregiver isn’t easy but in very high demand! How does this resonate with you? Please leave feedback below.

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